Monday, February 3, 2014

Top Movies

ENGL 112Advanced College Writing Research Argument #2 croak Five Movies Becky Sargent delinquent: Nov 9, 2012 Many things contri besidese to making my tweet cinque disceptation of favorite word pictures, like the actors, plot, type of ikon, and so forth. I after part explain what makes a stiff pic to me by elaborating make of five of my favorite movies. tumefy first off, a good movie night has to inculpate good junk food, pizza, sodas, and assumet for locomote the popcorn, the movie for me has to be a erotic love story, comedy, or a horror story for me. Second, the movie itself has to suppress a broad plot to be worth watching. To hike elaborate on the subject, here are my Top five favorite movies. territory (1978), The Notebook (2004), Psycho (1960), Where the heart is (2004), and topographic point only when (1990). My first choice has got to be GREASE (1978) I consecrate been watching that since I was six years old, middling a kid. Just a quick su mmary of the movie effectual daughter Sandy meets bad boy greaser Danny they hang in love over the summer. But when they incident eithery beat out theyre now in the same senior high gear school, will they be able to battle the forces that be and aggravate their romance? Of course, or it wouldnt be categorized as a love story. The actors in this movie were great in any case, Olivia callable north john was just starting out as a singer and tried her hand at playing withal, I thought she did a great job in this movie and then theres John Travolta, every girl thought he was the second Elvis Presley! And Stockard Channing, she also goes on to act in my number four top movie Where the heart is at. Even though the actors elect for the split were a little older looking for the old age of the characters, they hush up did a great job in their roles. Roger Ebert is also quoted on the Sun Times website as reflexion One conundrum I always have, watching this movie, is that all the students look too old. Theyre supposed ! to be 16 or 17, I guess, but they look in their late 20s, and dont come along comfortable as teenagers. One of my favorite performances...If you want to get a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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